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Products & Services:

Custom Neon Signs

Have an idea for a neon sign? Send us a sketch or a description, and we'll work with you to make it a reality.

Custom Lighting

At the end of the day a neon tube is just a light bulb -- one that is energy efficient, long-lasting, and entirely customizable. Add a luminous accent line in your living room. Put a decorative border in the front windows of your storefront. Build a custom reading lamp with exactly the color of white light that you prefer. The options are limitless.

Neon for Artists

With a background in both fine art and sign manufacturing, we have experience using neon by-the-book as well as in many unconventional ways. Signifier Signs is here to help you explore all of your ideas, no matter how unconventional or experimental.

Service, Repair, and Cleaning of Indoor Neon

For anything from broken glass to burnt-out transformers, Signifier Signs is ready to fix your beloved old neon. Is your sign dusty, and hard to read because the opaque paint between letters is peeling? We can take care of that too.



noun, Linguistics
1. a sign's physical form (such as a sound, printed word, or image) as distinct from its meaning.

"The electric light is pure information. It is a medium without a message, as it were, [...] for it is not till the electric light is used to spell out some brand name that it is noticed as a medium. Then it is not the light but the 'content' (or what is really another medium) that is noticed. The message of the electric light is like the message of electric power in industry, totally radical, pervasive, and decentralized. For electric light and power are separate from their uses, yet they eliminate time and space factors in human association exactly as do radio, telegraph, telephone, and TV, creating involvement in depth." -- Marshall McLuhan, 'Understanding Media', 1964.

You bring the content, we'll bring the light.