Signifier Signs

custom neon & lighting • est. 2011 • detroit, mi

How To Order Custom Neon:

For a free, no-commitment quote, send us an email describing your project.

Here are some details that will help us prepare an accurate quote quickly:

  • your goals and aesthetic -- what do you want to accomplish?  Neon can set a mood, sell a sandwich, or set a mood that sells a sandwich.
  • the design -- if you have something in mind, please send us a sketch or a clear description.
  • the size -- does it need to fit in a specific space?  If so, please provide a photograph and some measurements.
  • the colors -- neon is available in most colors of the rainbow, and we have samples available.
  • the application -- does it go on a wall, in a window, on a portable panel so you can move it around, or somewhere else?